Hunter's Hotline Website Launch
Monday, August 6, 2012 at 8:00AM
Paige Stephenson in News
Hunter and Paige as kids

On August 6, 2004 we lost my brother, Hunter. Today, as I celebrate his life, I am pleased to announce the official website for Hunter’s Hotline has launched. This endeavor has appropriately been completed one year after starting the ideas for Hunter’s Hotline. We have come a long way as we have hosted a tennis tournament, held lecture series, and are officially a 501c3 (a legal nonprofit).

I can not even begin to thank everyone here who has made Hunter’s Hotline a dream turned reality. Over a year ago, I started to help with the annual Hunter J. Stephenson memorial tennis tournament and started toying with the idea of making Hunter’s Hotline a legal nonprofit and spreading it to other schools beyond Huntsville High (my brother’s high school.) We are now there! Thank to to the volunteer team for assisting with an amazing speaking event in March. Special thanks to Nancy Cloud for our media hook ups and Susan Connor for her continued support! There are so many of you who have blessed us with your help that unfortunately I can not list everyone. Without you, this would not be possible! You all have been an integral part of this creation and I encourage you to spread the message of Hunter's Hotline.

One company I do want to point out is LawLer's Barbecue. LawLer’s Barbecue graciously donated food when I held a volunteer dinner a few months ago. We could not have held such an amazing night without their help! Recently, as we have had and continue to have financial struggles, LawLer’s has decided to donate one year of Hunter’s Hotline to 12 lucky schools throughout the year. So, we will be seeking out one school a month to get Hunter’s Hotline for free! For an entire year! I can't thank LawLer’s enough for both their support and financial offering. This will provide students of 12 schools an opportunity to prevent untimely things happening such as Hunter’s death.

Lastly, I must thank my parents. As Hunter’s Hotline has struggled in many areas, my parents have always come to my rescue to help keep this nonprofit going. I can’t thank them enough for this!

Please help me honor my brother, Hunter, by supporting Hunter’s Hotline. If you can help us financially, we would love your support. However, at this time, we really need your help placing Hunter’s Hotline in schools across the USA. Let’s share Hunter with others and honor his memory. Anything you can do to help is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Paige Stephenson is the Executive Director of Hunter’s Hotline

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